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People counting in MUSEUMS

People Counters

People counters based on the image


Occupation and realtime monitoring

Heat maps

Heatmap beased on footfal traffic and wifi tracking

Easy integration

Easy integration with other systems

Panel de control

Control panel based on the best UX and UI



How counterest help you

Exhibitions evaluation
Evaluate exhibitions in terms of amount and duration of visits
Visitors Experience
Provide real-time data to your visitors and help them to better plan their visit
Campaigns evaluation
Optimize your offline campaigns in the same way it is done online


How counterest help you

Staff planning
Align customer service staff and safety guards with the amount of visitors along the time
Adequate timetables
Creating opening and closing times according to real visit patterns
Queue management
Manage cash lines according to real footfall and avoid dropouts
Energy Management
Adapt ventilation and lighting to real-time occupancy


How counterest help you

Control de aglomeraciones
Identify overcrowded zones, enhance safety wherever is needed and guarantee artworks preserving