Businesses today require having analytical data that helps them better understand their customers. Through this data it is possible for businesses to better meet their customer’s needs and track their own performance. However, a recent report published by the EMC Corporation suggests that despite all this information, businesses are having trouble sorting through all the data to discover solutions.


The report indicated that of all the major technology trends, the most chosen trend anticipated to change the way that businesses operate internally was big data analytics at 43%. However, 38% of the 3600 respondents answered that the abundance of information available to their business was helpful, but they were struggling to determine “actionable results” from this data. Further, 14% also described the abundance of data as “information overload” and that it was difficult for the company to even make any decisions.


This report establishes how having easy to use software that displays the data well and is able to produce comparable results is essential in improving a business. Counterest knows that it is not enough to just have the most accurate people counter, but it is necessary to adapt this technology into something businesses can use to interpret the data and this is what we developed with the online dashboard. Counterest’s dashboard displays the information in a variety of easy to read formats and making it easily comparable to past results. By selecting the indicators one wishes to track, they can see the performance from their business in real time, view charts of data, and track the performance per hour of the day, all with only a single click.


All historical data is stored in the cloud and accessible through the dashboard allowing businesses to compare their current performance to previous results and even to make predictions. This would greatly help businesses in determining the results of their actions, which was the most frequently selected response when in response to the abundance of information. This ability to compare to previous results allows companies to determine what is working and what is not and adjust to fit their customer’s needs.


Counterest’s software requires no installation and is completely web based. This is incredibly beneficial as it allows clients to access information about their business from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. The dashboard also can easily be set to send notifications to businesses based on having certain criteria met. For instance an owner of a night club can receive a notification if the number of people present exceed the legal limit of the building. This allows businesses to stay connected even without directly looking at the results.


With the ability to easily access, display and compare to previous results, Countrest’s dashboard can eliminate the problems many businesses are facing today with an abundance of information.