Why isn’t a 95% accuracy good enough?

18 July, 2016

Capacity control for events with proven accuracy of 98%

It’s not rare to use automatic people counters with low accuracy when performing capacity control, and thats due to the incorrect estimation of the margin of error.   It’s believed that using a 95% accuracy counter in an event where 50.000 attendees are expected generates a maximum error of +/-2.500 people counted (5% * 50.000 people), […]

Automated capacity control and security met in a nightclub

15 March, 2016

Security is assured with automatic people counters and its capacity control.

Why is fundamental having a precise capacity control system in nightclubs and mega-events? Nowadays, is it mandatory to have an automated capacity control system in leisure venues? It is clear that for security reasons, a venues’ public never has to exceed its allowed maximum capacity; so why is this rule not always followed?   In […]