Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Privacy and security are important values for URBANRETAIL, S.L., consequently we assume the compromise of guaranteeing the privacy of the User at all times and not to gather unnecessary information. Below, all necessary information about our Privacy Policy in relation to the personal data we gather, explaining:


  • Who is responsible of the handling of your data.
  • For what purpose do we gather the date we request you.
  • What is the legitimacy for their handling.
  • For how long we store them.
  • To what recipients is your data communicated.
  • What are your rights.


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Henceforth, “Counterest”, “Us” or the “Responsible of the handling”.


Personal data refers to any information or data that can identify you directly (for instance, your name or last name) or indirectly (for instance, your identity card number or D.N.I). Personal data include information such as name, last name, email address, contact telephone, personal preferences, consumer habits and content generated by the user, among others. It also can include unique numerical identifiers such as the IP address of your computer, as well as the information that can be obtained from cookies.


This privacy policy included all data gathered and used by Counterest.

Hereby, the user (you) guarantees that the Personal Data provided is real and true and, agrees to notify any change or modifications of any of this. Any loss or harm done to the Website, the Responsible of the Handling or any third party through the communication of incorrect, false or incomplete information in the registration forms, will be exclusive responsibility of the user.

We can gather or receive your data through our website, forms, Platform, pages on social networks and from clients that have obtained the previous consent, among others. In some case, you provide your Personal Data directly (for instance, when you create an account or when you get in touch with us), or in other cases we gather them (for instance, using cookies to understand how to use our website).

Likewise, at Counterest we use information derived from the use of the Platform in aggregated form to implement improvements in the functioning of the Platform and provide recommendations of
products that could be of your interest.


3. PURPOSES, LEGITIMACY AND RETENTION of the handling of data sent through:




1. Answer to your information request and provide a mean of contact.
2. Arrange meetings and/or calls.
3. Manage the relation with potential clients.
4. Send communications of our products and services related with the Technology sector for leisure, public transport and retail, that could be of your interest, related to your request, or with future products and/or services of Counterest, even trough electronic means (email, SMS, whatsApp), if you tick the box “I Agree”.


Legitimacy: your consent when requesting information through the corresponding form and when ticking the “I Agree” to send information box.

Retention: once your request has been answered, if a new treatment has not been generated. For commercial communications, until you revoke consent and request the termination of the service.


Purposes: send you our newsleders, as well as informative and advertising notifications about our products and services that are of your interest, even trough electronic means (email, SMS, whatsApp).
Legitimacy: your consent when subscribing to our commercial emails and/or newsleders.
Retention: until you revoke consent and request the termination of the service.


Purposes: answer to your information requests, answer your petitions and answer your consultations and doubts. In case of receiving your Curriculum Vitae, your personal and curricular data can be part of our data base to participate in our present and future selection processes.
Legitimacy: the user consent when requesting information through our email address or when sending data and the CV to take part in our selection processes.
Retention: once your petition has been answered by email, if it has not generated a new treatment. In case of receiving your CV, your data can be retained for a year maximum for future selection processes.


Obligation to provide personal data and consequences of not doing it.
The supply of personal data requires a minimum age of 14 years old, or where relevant, have the legal capacity to contract.
Personal data requested is necessary to manage your requests and/or provide the adequate services that you can contract, consequently, if you do not provide them, we will not be able to properly adend you and provide the service requested.
In any case, we reserve the right to decide wether or not we incorporate your personal data and other information in our data base.
– Personal data that we gather from you can be treated by Counterest staff members, and on the basis of a clear legal interest, to comply with administrative purposes.
Likewise, your personal data can be communicated to:
– Third parties that provide us IT services, like pla_orm providers, hosting services, maintenance and support of our data base, as well as our software and applications that can contain data about you.
– Third parties that helps us provide digital services, like identity administration, CRM, web analysis and search engines.
– Digital means and social networks to help us provide publicity, marketing and campaigns, to analyse their effectiveness and manage your contact and your questions.
– For service efficiency, in some occasions your data can be communicated to service provided that are located in the United States of America or other countries or territories situated outside the European Economic Space.
– Third parties for the fulfilment of a legal regulation.
We will make sure that any communication of your personal information that we do or those third parties with which we share your personal information, comply with the applicable law.




Any person can retire his/her consent at any moment, when this has been provided for the data treatment. In any case, the withdrawal of this consent, conditions the execution of the subscription contract or the relationships made previously.
Furthermore, the user can exercise the following rights:
• Request access to personal data or rectification when they are inexact.
• Request their elimination when, among other reasons, they are no longer necessary for the aims that they were gathered.
• Request the limitation of their treatment in determined circumstances.
• Request the opposition to the treatment of his/her data for reasons related with his/her parricular situation.
• Request data portability in the cases provided for in the regulations.
• Other rights recognised in the applicable laws.
Where and how to request your Rights: through a wriden request to the responsible to the postal address or email (indicated in the section 1), indicating the reference “Personal Data”, specifying the right that you want to exercise and with respect to what personal data.
In case of differences with the company with respect to the treatment of your data, you can present a complaint to the Data Protection Agency (




With the aim of safeguarding the security of your personal information, we inform you that we have taken all measures of technical and organisational nature necessaries to guarantee the security of personal data from alteration, loss and treatment or non-authorised accesses.


It is important that for maintaining your personal data updated, you always inform us if there has been any modification in them, or otherwise, we do not assure their truthfulness. We are not responsible of the protection policy of personal data that you can facilitate to third parFes through the available links in our website.






The Counterest PeopleCounter uses information provided by 3D sensors fixed at the ceiling, close to the entrances we want to cover. Our solution counts people crossing a virtual line and is able to distinguish passing directions with super high accuracy. When every entrance is covered, the system is capable of calculaFng also the realFme occupancy of a specific room or venue. Data is sent by secure connection and stored in Counterest servers. Data can be accessed via online dashboard or via our API REST.

The PeopleCounter solution aims to gather high quality aggregated data to measure number of people crossing a certain gate or access. The PeopleCounter does not aim to identify any specific
individual, and it is technically not possible to do so. Counterest PeopleCounter versions are based in different types of 3D sensors. The people counFng sohware runs in the device, and the counter only transmits the aggregated data (amount of ins and outs) to the cloud.

Furthermore, the information provided by the 3D sensors makes it impossible to identify a specific individual. Infrared Structured Light and Time of Flight sensors provide only a depth map consisting of a pixel cloud with an associated distance for each pixel. Stereo sensors provide 2 black and white video feeds and the stereo building sohware turns these again into a depth map. The video feed is only accessible in the commissioning process to verify the installation and setup the counFng lines, and in the audit process.
Our customers are using Counterest PeopleCounter for Visitor analytics & forecast, Realtime occupancy control, Queue management, Staff planning and Campaign evaluation.




When you use a mobile device that has Wi-Fi enabled, your device sends out a signal to nearby Wi-Fi networks. The signal that your mobile device sends includes an identifier called a MAC address, which is a unique combination of numbers and leders associated with your mobile device. Counterest observes the information being sent by mobile devices, including the device’s MAC address, manufacturer, and signal strength. Counterest does not collect or use any other personal information such as name, e-mail address or phone number.
Counterest works with retailers and other customers to help them beder understand customer behaviour and provide beder experiences for their customers. Aher capturing the data sent by mobile
devices, Counterest applies a hash function to the MAC addresses to further dissociate them. The hashing is done within the device, and transferred by secure connection to the Counterest database. Counterest analyses the data it observes and provides aggregate anonymous information to our customers. For example, we may share information such as how many people visit a retailer’s store, how long people stay, how ohen they return, what sections of the store they visit, and whether customers visit other of the customers’ locations. This dissociated information allows retailers to improve your shopping experience, including managing store inventory and employee staffing to improve customer service, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or store displays.


Counterest may engage third party service providers to perform functions on its behalf, such as hosting and analysing data, in compliance with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate
confidentiality and security measures.

We take reasonable security measures to protect your data while in transit and in storage. We retain data about individual hashed MAC addresses for no longer than is necessary to provide our services to our customers, unless we have to keep the information for legal purposes. Aher the necessary period of time, we only retain aggregate data.


You can opt out of having Counterest collect data from your device by inserting your MAC address in the following address:




Privacy Policy Changes: Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice. The current version is effective as of May 25th, 2018.


At Counterest we have total commitment to data privacy protection and compliance with all applicable country-specific data privacy laws. The value of the Counterest offering lays always in high quality aggregated data about our customers’ visitors as a whole and not on the specifics of any individual. It is the customers’ responsibility to validate compliance and take any specific actions in order to do so.


If you have any doubts or concerns as to the way we treat and use your personal data or desire to exercise any of the rights previously described, please contact us at


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