5 hours and 30 minutes is the average time a visitor spends at a trade show. How to get the most out of your potential client’s visit?

With our visit to the Hospitality Innovation Planet 2019 in Madrid and the arrival of the Mobile World Congress 2019 to Barcelona, we want to dedicate this post to talking about the importance of counting visitors at trade shows and congresses.

Participating in a trade show creating your own stand represents a big marketing investment, so it is very important to make a good analysis of the results in order to optimize it.

How many people are there in the stand? Do we have enough space to assist them? And staff to receive them? What are the peak hours they visit us? Installing automatic people counters in your stand allows you to answer the questions above, in addition to:

Monitor your visitors: Know how many people are on the stand in real time, as well as the statistics for days, hours and how many minutes they have been.

Discover the most and least visited areas: Which have been the points of the stand that have attracted the most potential customers is a very valuable information to make strategic decisions for the design of the stand in future events.

Adapt your marketing actions: Plan the engagement actions for the moments of the day and the trade show with the most visitors. In the same way, know the cold time slots to promote attraction actions in them.

Compare the efficiency of events: In which trade shows have you received the most visits? What days have worked best? Collecting historical data allows you to evaluate and optimize your participation.

Optimize resources: Being able to calculate the estimated visits is key to planning the staff, the material to be delivered to potential customers and catering, as well as being able to apply corrective measures if necessary.

On the other hand, fairground managers can also take advantage of a counting system. Knowing the trajectories of the visitors is crucial to determine the rents of the spaces and justify their price, as well as to determine the optimal distribution of the spaces in the venue.

In conclusion, having a system of counting visits during a trade show is crucial to obtain the necessary data for further evaluation and calculation of the return on investment, as well as to optimize the next participation in events.