Catalunya is small, but there is a tendency to organize mass events and one that is repeated annually, for 19 years now, is the ‘Festa dels Súpers’: children’s activities of all kinds and musical spectacles in a privileged environment – the Olympic Ring – that extend over an entire weekend. Counterest counted that the main show, which was repeated 3 times along the weekend, brought together more than 40.000 people, this year.


'Festa Súpers' picture

19th ‘Festa dels Súpers’


The ‘Festa dels Súpers’ is a party aimed at the little ones, but it’s a huge event: many children, many parents and many entertainers and organizers. And there we were with the special mission of counting people automatically and ensuring capacity control, a tremendous challenge both technologically and logistical, and a great experience for Counterest. And we talk about a tremendous challenge because it’s something that has never been done before at this stage anywhere else in the world: an automatic people counting system to ensure maximum accuracy and safety to monitor all visits coming in and out continuously through 16 different access during 17 hours over 2 days; 300,000 in total. And if this were not enough, it should be noted that most people were actually very young children, some of them taking their first steps, seated in pushchairs, perched on their parent’s shoulders or running at full speed excited and carrying their balloons. Anyone who has had contact with automatic people counters will know that these small details actually add much more difficulty to the situation.


Using automatic people counters like the Counterest ones is better than installing separate lanes for manual counting because it ensures wide entrance points, besides providing more accuracy and, therefore, more security.


We have successfully overcame the challenge as we achieved a constantly accuracy of 99% during the whole event and that strengthens Counterest vision, now more than ever. Since our foundation 2 years ago we have been focused on improving people counters’ accuracy because we knew that this was a must for companies open to the public in order to start using those tools on a daily basis. By meeting this challenge we’ve proved that Counterest’s obsession for the accuracy is not only our positioning and brand, but also a reality.


We would especially like to thank B:SM its commitment for this innovation and for all the energy invested.


Counting team

Counterest team at the event