New dashboard visualization for Store Managers



    • Now store managers have a daily and weekly overview of their visits and conversion rates.


  • And this allows them to identify anomalies and take action in real time.

Department Stores Solution


    • Shopping Mall Analytics is Counterest‘s new solution.


    • It allows to analize visits at different levels, from itineraries inside the department store or shopping mall, to the waiting times in each zone.


  • From the indicators, the department store managers are able to better adjust the products’ mix, the profitabillity of promotions and events, or design cross selling campaigns.

We’re going to the international expo RBTE

  • We’ll be at the Retail Business Technology Expo in London, this May.
  • There’ll be the most innovative technology for retailers so they can increase productivity, reduce costs, attract more customers, improve the customer experience, enhance security and sell more.

Other news:



  • We’ve become official crowd control providers…


  • New passenger counter and equipping the first buses…