European Mobility Week 2018 will take place on 16-22th September. Organized by the European Commission, the campaign promotes more sustainable, safe and healthy mobility habits such as walking, biking, public transportation and electric vehicles, to improve the quality of air and reduce pollution. This year, the theme is multimodal transport, in which we’ll deepen hereunder.


Multimodality is the mixing of transport modes within the same journey or for different trips. It has the potential to create a more efficient and sustainable transportation system, improving the use of infrastructures and reducing costs.


To promote multimodal transport, authorities have to encourage people to change their habits and routines, so it is essential to provide them information about the transportation modes available through integrated solutions that link vehicle and infrastructure.


Some of the key services are real-time capacity monitoring and schedule optimization to reduce time between modes, as well as integrated payment systems and reliable tools for planning before starting a journey.


Multimodal Transportation European Mobility Week


Finally, it is worth mentioning that, coinciding with European Mobility Week, it will take place in Copenhagen the ITS World Congress. This exhibition reunites world leaders in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) who are developing new Technologies and Solutions for Smart Cities through TICs and cleanteach.


Along with Acció, Counterest will be presenting the advanced people counting solution and O-D Matrix for public transportation. Passenger Analytics allows to know how passengers switch between modes and lines, meaning, multimodal transport. Among its functionalities are Ins and Outs counting and real time vehicles capacity.


If you’re attending ITS World Congress Copenhagen, we encourage you to visit us in stand C1-082. Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@counterest.com to schedule a meeting.