In addition to automatic capacity control, what other elements should we consider for nightlife events?

In today’s post, Pablo Carrillo from Discocil explains what factors we should have under control when organizing nightlife events:

The first question that every organizer should ask is: What could go wrong?

As the old Roman proverb says: “amat victoria curam” or, “victory favors those who prepare” it is necessary to identify what unforeseen events may arise and prepare concrete measures for each of them. All those involved should know perfectly the protocols and have a plan B for any unforeseen event.

Although the measures will depend on the type of event, then we will break down some of the vital factors and considerations for the proper organization and management of an event:

1. Define the target audience to adapt all the elements to it. That is, the messages we send, broadcast channels, promoters that we will hire, event location etc.

2. Set quantitative objectives of assistance, sales, media impact… Our event must pursue a goal in order to measure its success. The objectives must be ambitious as well as realistic. What’s not measured can’t be improved.

3. Choose a good date, following objective criteria to ensure the attendance of the guests. This is vital if we want our event to be closer to the “sold out” than the “few people came”.

4. Establish a budget, reviewing the resources we have, and based on it organize the details. Before that, it is vital to establish the categories to which we will devote resources, as well as an order of priorities.

5. Choose a suitable place, taking into account the proximity of the public, accessibility of the event location or available means of public transport. We must aim for a well-connected venue, to make getting there as easy and cheap as possible.

6. Request the required permits and licenses, as well as investigate what laws the event must comply with. Among others, we must keep in mind the laws on automatic capacity control and acoustic legislation, which determines the level of decibels allowed.

7. Have an planning team, so we can delegate certain functions to professionals in the organization of events to ensure success. It is highly recommended to carry out pre-event tests to identify possible production errors.

What’s not measured can’t be improved

After the event, it is essential to analyze the results of the event in order to improve important aspects. Recognizing the successes and mistakes made is key to optimize the organization in the next few occasions.

It can be a good idea to send a summary of what the event was to all the guests. In addition (and always complying with the GDPR) it is recommended to target specific actions of digital marketing to attendees to inform them about upcoming events.

Discocil is a management software for nightlife event organizers, which allows to:

– Control in real time sales, reservations and access to the venue

– Measure the performance of promoters

– Identify attendee consumption preferences

– Increasing customer loyalty, through creating the nightclub’s own database and marketing tools