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What role does Big Data play on Black Friday?

9 November, 2018

Black Friday Cyber Monday

Its origins are based on the Stock Exchange crisis of the 19th century, although nowadays it’s the day when Christmas shopping starts. Friday 23th November, Black Friday returns and retailers must be ready to face such an important date in the calendar.   According to the Deloitte 2017 Christmas Consumption Study, Black Friday has a […]

The Brick-and-Mortar Ultimatum

14 July, 2017

Omni-channel experience, new technologies and integration of IT architecture are must have for retailers

In the past we’ve seen a lot of articles talking about why brick-and-mortar stores will disappear and why they will not. We clearly believe that physical stores still play a big role in the purchasing process and they will survive into the future thanks to technologies like automatic people counters and other solutions will see […]

Banks: a new generation thanks to data analytics

13 June, 2016

Visitor Analytics solution for banks

In the last few years, banks have been trying to improve their relationship with customers and gain their loyalty and trust back.   Nowadays, they need to know their clients more personally and deliver a service that meet their high expectations. Then, the only way to do that profitably and cost effectively is to gather, […]

Is it possible to have too much information?

17 June, 2015

Retailer information regarding footfall traffic

Businesses today require having analytical data that helps them better understand their customers. Through this data it is possible for businesses to better meet their customer’s needs and track their own performance. However, a recent report published by the EMC Corporation suggests that despite all this information, businesses are having trouble sorting through all the […]

Key points to improve satisfaction of passengers in public transport

25 May, 2015

understanding how passengers use public transport

The public transport service frequency is usually one of the worst-rated topics by passengers. According to a survey carried out by the OCU, major complaints users of Madrid underground have are directly related to low frequency:   – 66% of users rarely find somewhere to sit. – 60% often feel overwhelmed because the wagon is […]

When art shares attention with audience

19 March, 2015

Museums use Counterest people counters and WiFi tracking to better understand their visitors

When we talk about people counting in crowded places – be it for security, resources optimization or marketing campaign evaluation – we think about train stations, concerts, night clubs, airports, tradeshows, … and also museums.

Increasing sales through conversion rates

17 March, 2015

Online methodologies for the brick and mortar, like using people counters to count people and have conversion rates of visitors to sales

Conversion rates are a key indicator for retailer businesses, which represent the % of buyers among the total amount of visitors. To obtain this indicator retailers install an automatic people counter at the entrance of the store and match its outputs with the POS results.

Big Bang Data – Big Results

1 December, 2014

These are the results of the exhibition called Big Bang Data that took place at CCB in Barcelona, on 2014

Collaborating with the Big Bang Data Expo has been especial for us. Not only because it was one of our first big projects, but also because it was about showing our technology to the public. Establishing a direct dialog with those who actually generate the data required us to make a deep communication exercise. We […]