Arenal Sound 2018, which has taken place between 31st July and 5th August in Burriana (Castellón), has used Counterest’s automated people counting system. The festival has recieved 300.000 attendees in 6 days and has become one of the most massive in Spain.


Counterest has experience in automated people counting in festivals as it has controlled crowds in MadCool, Sónar and the 3 latest editions of Primavera Sound.


The number of Spanish festivals that are opting for automated people counting is rapidly increasing. The system’s accurancy is higher than 98% and, among its advantatges, it doesn’t interrupt people’s flux. Moreover, it allows the organization to know real-time occupancy and create automated alarms when reaching the maximum occupancy.


Valencia has a crowd control regulation that takes into account this new technology: Decree 145/2015, from September 11th. With it, Consell obligates public spectacles to control accesses with automated people counters. Furthermore, nightclubs and pubs have to control crowds with automated systems when their maximum allowed occupancy is over 2.000 people.


Finally, it is worthy to mention that the detailed information about visitors’ fluxes allows the organization to improve their resources’ planning for future festival editions.