Speed, exciting loops and extraordinary shows. What visitors are looking for in amusement parks is fun without worries.


According to Theme Index Museum Index 2017, published by TEA and AECOM, the main 20 amusement Parks in Europe received 62.5 millions visitors in 2017. It’s a sector that moves large masses of people so that it must be operated with the maximum efficiency to avoid accidents and make customers have the most satisfactory experience possible.


There are many parks that are implementing solutions to monitor queues, but the benefits of implementing a visitor couting system are many more than just reducing waiting times. To analyze them, we’ll divide them in 3 blocks:


1. Improve security: Monitoring capacity in real time at attractions allows to detect agglomerations, optimize resources and operational capacity, as well as know the fraud to be able to apply corrective measures.


2. Improve eficiency: In addition to monitoring where a reinforcement of personnel is needed, knowing in real-time the estimated wait in each one of the attractions and to communicate it through an app allows the visitors to plan their visit to the park. Moreover, ofering this information as open data can be really useful for potential visitors to know how crowded is the park.


3. Improve customer’s experience: Through Wi-Fi tracking, park managers can obtain very valuable information about the behavior of visitors, such as their trajectories, thus being able to relocate the services offered to improve the client’s experience and calculate the rental price of the concession shops in the park.


In an increasingly competitive environment, it is important for amusement parks to opt for technologies such as automated people counters to improve their management and also increase the visitors’ satisfaction during their stay.