Archivo mensual: March 2015

Do you imagine avoiding crowds in the metro?

26 March, 2015

Automatic passenger counters for public transportation, like metro and buses to improve mobility and passengers' satisfaction

If you are used to take the metro, you might sometimes have thought you were packed in like sardines. Other times, you might have found yourself virtually all alone in the vehicle. All this happens because it is difficult to plan the metro service as it is affected by different disruptions as the day progresses: […]

When art shares attention with audience

19 March, 2015

Museums use Counterest people counters and WiFi tracking to better understand their visitors

When we talk about people counting in crowded places – be it for security, resources optimization or marketing campaign evaluation – we think about train stations, concerts, night clubs, airports, tradeshows, … and also museums.

Increasing sales through conversion rates

17 March, 2015

Online methodologies for the brick and mortar, like using people counters to count people and have conversion rates of visitors to sales

Conversion rates are a key indicator for retailer businesses, which represent the % of buyers among the total amount of visitors. To obtain this indicator retailers install an automatic people counter at the entrance of the store and match its outputs with the POS results.